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Welcome to the Inland Empire VHF Club Swap N' Shop. Swap N' Shop is open to any amateur radio operators. Items sold must be amateur radio related. No commercial postings will be accepted. The Club is not responsible for items that are posted on this page. Descriptions are posted as submitted by the individual. All transactions are between seller and purchaser with no involvement of the club except to make the for sale posting available on this page. Postings will be up for one month then deleted unless the seller requests an extension or the item(s) are sold. Sellers, please contact the webmaster when you sell your item. Swap N' Shop items will also be announced during the weekly IEVHF Club net. To have amateur radio related items posted on this page please email your information to If you are able to provide a picture of the equipment that would be great. If not a complete description and condition will work



Subject: Downsize - for sale

It's time to start the process of downsizing the station. First to go are the items that I either no longer
use or can no longer physically maintain like the EME antenna systems. Depending on how this first pass
goes, there may be a lot more forthcoming.
Please note that there will be NO SHIPPING, no exceptions, I just don't have the time or energy to deal with
that. If you want it you will have to come and get it. I am located in Quincy, WA conveniently placed
between Seattle and Spokane just off I-90! :>)

If you are seriously interested in something and you think it might be overpriced, let me know and possibly
we can come to an agreement. I can be contacted either by direct reply or to

Thanks for looking & 73,
Larry - W7IUV - WH2XGP

14 foot dish, mesh, disassembled into 8 petals. Includes mount ring with elevation capability, supports for
chapperal style feed, center mount for ham type feeds. $100 ( Short tower with rotator, mast, etc, available)

OK1DFC septum feed with W1GHZ scaler ring for 1296. $200

OK1DFC loop feed for 432. $50

Linear actuators for dish or array elevation, have a number of these, various sizes/prices.

3 foot diameter Andrew dish with mount. Heavy duty, was on mountain top link. No feed. $5

8 X 8 2 meter EME array. All or parts available. Was originally a 16 X 8 array so have 4 extra 8 element
Yagis ready for a 4 X 8 array and 4 more that need some work. 8 X 8 Array is presently up but will be
taken down shortly. These are W1JR/VE7BQH design yagis. Make offer.

XPOL Satellite Yagi, 144 MHz, homebrew based on K1FO design, 11 elements, 16 foot one piece boom, been
stored outside needs some clean-up. $10

XPOL Satellite Yagi, 435 MHz. As above except 22 elements. $10

Heliax. Many pieces. Have 2 pcs 7/8" with connectors 125 and 150 feet approx. Several long pieces of 1/2
inch, lots of shorter pieces with connectors. Also have some new connectors for 1/2". Prices vary.

75 ohm, 1 inch CATV hardline. I have hundreds of feet. If you are clever enough to figure out how to use 75
ohm cable, this stuff has much less loss than 7/8 Heliax. Make offer. If no interest it will go to salvage.

Heavy duty tripod mount suitable for small EME array or dish. About 6' tall, includes mast and rotator that needs work. $50

Rhon 25 work platform. $50

Tristao Tower Raising Fixture. $40 (OK but needs some clean up)

Very heavy duty 45' aluminum extension ladder. Not really radio, but since I used it for tower maintenance
maybe somebody else could use it the same way. With a few mods, could be used as a temporary/portable tower for VHF antennas. $200

Mirage B3016 amplifier, 160 watts out for 30 watts in, 2 mtrs. Includes original documentation and optional Remote Control Head and cable. $150

Icom IC-706 Mk II, includes Original box, mike, bracket, manual, and installed CW filter. Will include homebrew interface for digital modes. $500

Kenwood TS-2000, Includes Original box, mike, manual. $950

HP 415B Standing Wave Indicator $5

PRD 2778 Standing Wave Amplifier. This is an "improved version of the HP 415B, larger easier to read meter, etc. $10

Tek 564 Storage Oscilloscope with 3A6 and 3B3 plug-ins. Oldie but goodie! $10

Beckman 9102 Oscilloscope. 2 Channel, solid state, manual. $15

FunCube Pro+ SDR dongle, in original box. Outstanding performance on VHF/UHF, so-so on HF. I used this for EME with MAP65. $100

Also have literally tons of parts and pieces for the homebrew/experimenter enthusiast. Lots of amplifier parts HF/VHF/UHF.
Mostly tube type stuff and vintage. Lots of TX tubes of all sizes, including but not limited to: 807, 1625, 6146, 829B, 5894, 4CX250, 811A, 4-400A, 4-65, 100TH, 250TH, YC-156, GU-74/4CX800, GS-35, GS-31, GI-7B. Hundreds of 12VDC muffin fans, many sizes, speeds. Inquire for your specific wants.

--> ---------------------------------

Hello, I have a few items for sale if you would be able to list them on the Inland Empire Club Swap section of the website or otherwise get the word out.
All equipment is in working order.
Astron RS-20A power supply $75
Kenwood TS-450SAT $400
High Sierra Antennas Sidekick HF Mobile antenna $200

Interested parties can reach me at

Thanks and 73's
Dominic KI7AS





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