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Club Radio Systems

Information Updated: 08/22/2022

Repeater Systems

All the club repeaters require a 123.0 Hz tone
The 146.880, 147.340 and 444.900 repeaters are for analog voice use only.
The 444.600 repeater is for analog and C4FM

146.880  Spokane (Working)
147.340  Spokane, Downtown (Working)
444.600  Mt Spokane (Working)
444.900  Spokane, Valley (Working)   

Packet Systems

Please see the Winlink Gateway guide link below for proper settings for the VHF Club Packet System.

145.010 -  WR7VHF-3 packet node South -Krell Hill (Working)
145.090 -  WR7VHF-4 packet node North - Mt. Spokane (Working)
The old WR7VHF Packet Radio BBS is off the air. It has been replaced by a email gateway (Winlink) station WR7VHF-10 (Working)

Packet Node Stack South Connect Procedure
145.010 - C WR7VHF-3 then C WR7VHF-2 then C WR7VHF-10 or
                   C SPOKN1 then C #SLAN2 then C WR7VHF-10

You will need to send three separate B (Bye) commands to disconnect.

Packet Node Stack North Connect Procedure
145.090 - C WR7VHF-4 then C WR7VHF-5 then C WR7VHF-10 or
                  C SPOKN2 then C #SLAN3 then C WR7VHF-10

Packet Information Download Files 

Spokane Area Packet Network (PDF)

Packet Software Download Files   

VHF Club email Winlink Gateway Guide    

 Packet packet primer 


WinPack V6.8         WinPack Manual (PDF)

Club Radio Sites 

Krell Hill
146.880 MHz repeater TX & 146.280 MHz voter RX #1 of 3
145.010 MHz WR7VHF-3 packet node ("South Stack")

Spokane Valley
146.280 MHz voter RX #2 of 3
444.900 MHz repeater

146.280 MHz voter RX #3 of 3

Spokane Downtown
147.340 MHz repeater

Mt. Spokane
444.600 MHz repeater
145.090 MHz WR7VHF-4 packet node ("North Stack")



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