Fox Hunting 2010

The Inland Empire VHF Club July 2010 fox hunt took place in Millwood Park. The Fox Hunt was preceded by a hot dog and hamburger barbecue.

The fox was released from his den at approximately 7:00 PM. At least nine hunters headed out on foot. Most moved slowly westward from the main barbecuing area. One or two immediately started out moving east. Shortly, several hunters joined those moving east. Nearing a very large water tank near the east end of the park, several hunters began circling the area behind the tank, then moved east beyond the tank. Several began backtracking only to appear slightly confused as to the general location of the fox. Two or three continued east, completely out of the park. Meanwhile, a hunter, name of Tif, KE7HLV, with her excellent yagi directional antenna, zeroed in on a location behind a small building just north of the water tank which loomed over one hundred feet into the sky behind her. The fox was hiding in the weeds behind the small shed, face down. Tif picked up the fox, and holding it above her head, claimed victory! This was Tif's first attempt at fox hunting, and it proved to be a great success for her. Congratulations Tif!

The next fox hunt is planned for August 12th (Thursday) at Lincoln Park on Spokane's South Side.

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