Fox Hunting 2010

The fox hunt on June 26, 2010 during Field Day 2010, at Valleyford WA was enjoyed by several licensed hams and by several youngsters, one of whom is determined to obtain his amateur radio license. That youngster was Josh Crippen, first to find the fox again. His dad, Adam-N7ISP, was busy working Field Day contacts during the hunt. Josh was presented the famous VHF Club fox hunt winner trophy for his efforts. Josh is the young man on the far right.

The fox was hidden in dense grass and brush near an old hiking trail southeast of a foot bridge crossing a small stream flowing through the park. The fox was transmitting with 1/2 watt power output into a 50-ohm dummy load to attenuate the signal to make the hunt a challenge.

The next fox hunt is planned for July 8th (Thursday) in Millwood Park, at the July VHF club meeting.

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