Fox Hunting 2010

LOCATION: Woodbridge Park, Post Falls, Idaho


LOCATION: Woodbridge Park, Post Falls, Idaho

DATE: June 5, 2010





Eight licensed hams.

Four unlicensed individuals

One Dog (Maddie)



KF7IEV-Bryan Young

KF7IEU-Curtis Maddex

KD7GHZ-Michael Carey


W7JJL-John Lally



Josh Crippen (winner of the previous fox hunt) and younger brother and sister

Angie Crippen, XYL of Adam Crippen-N7ISP


Fox was released at 1017 hours local time.


Fox was located at approximately 1050 hours local time.


First hunter to find fox: KF7BXR-Greg Bentley.

Using nothing more than the rubber duck antenna on his hand held radio and a piece of aluminum foil as a variable attenuator, Greg was the first to locate the fox.


Special thanks to Angie Crippen, XYL of Adam Crippen-N7ISP, Adam. Adam was unable to be available to hide the fox, so his wife, Angie did a great job of handling that task.


Unfortunately , no photos were taken of this event.


Tentative plans for the next fox hunt: Valleyford Park, Spokane County during the annual ARRL Field Day event, June 26. Stay tuned for further details.



Fox hunt coordinator: WA7BAA-Don Vogel







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